Emotional Eating Programme with Vitale in Celbridge

"The course has giving me a fantastic new lease of life. I have gained invaluable knowledge on having a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Through Mary and Caithriona's guidance, I can make healthy food choices and also recognise and manage triggers for emotional or comfort eating. I have more energy than ever before. In addition, I now have a positive and fresh outlook to life."


Sinead - Vitale Celbridge Customer

Zest4Life Group Programme 

"I wanted to lose some weight but had not expected to feel so very well whilst doing so. In the past I have tried several diets, but never managed to stick with them beyond about two weeks before becoming grumpy, then ill and finally giving up. But Zest4Life is fantastic - I have never eaten so well and had such a variety of food...EVER. The recipes are easy to follow, quick & easy to prepare and actually cost you much less than buying additive-filled prepared foods. And the best bit is that I have lost the excess weight easily and I actually feel better than I have done in maybe the past twenty years. My husband has got his "young" wife back again, my teenage son has discovered an "invigorated" mum he had never seen before and I feel so unbelievably cheerful! I have even encouraged several of my friends to follow the low-GL principles too and they are also losing weight and feeling great."

Lorraine - Zest4Life Group Programme UK Cutomer.

Zest4Life One to One Programme with Vitale in Celbridge

"I started Zest4life 10 weeks before my wedding having tried all types of diets previously. Zest4life offers an effective long term and sustainable weight loss solution unlike the plethora of short term fixes and fads available. I lost 1 stone in time for my big day and I have kept it off. A higher level of education and awarness around GI and GL has transformed my eating habits."


Tara - Vitale Celbridge Customer

Zest4Life Group Programme 

"I was shopping for a dress to wear to a cousin's wedding when I hit rock bottom. At just 5 ft 2 and a large size 18, I couldn't find anything to wear. Every dress I tried on made me look even fatter and I couldn't bear to look in the mirror. I hated myself. I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid so I had always put my weight problems down to that. I was feeling sluggish with no energy and at my heaviest, 15 stone 1 pound, I was told by my doctor that my BMI was dangerously high. I felt so low and depressed that I knew something had to be done. I heard about a local nutritional therapist, Keren Milton and the Zest4Life weight loss programme and took the plunge in May 2009. The Zest4life programme has been amazing, I love eating this way and have seen my energy soar. Keren also encouraged me do a food intolerance test, which showed a positive reaction to cow's milk, citrus fruits and durum wheat. Within weeks of avoiding these, I noticed a big difference, the weight just dropped off my face and my body changed shape, I no longer looked or felt bloated or puffy and people commented that my skin looked fantastic too".

Tina - Zest4life Group Programme UK Customer.