If you have dieted in the past, felt deprived because of all the foods you couldn’t eat, fell off the wagon because you couldn’t do this anymore and then regained any weight you lost its quite possible that you believe that this is how it will always be.....WRONG. Diets are meant to fail. How else can the weight loss industry make millions every year from returning customers? There is another way. Take a look at the word SUCCESS in a synonym below

S - ense of direction….what is it I want?

U - nderstanding ….Why do I want it?

C - ourage ….Am I committed to achieve it?

C – ompassion… will I be kind to myself as I embark on this journey?

E – steem…Will I feel good about myself?

S - elf-confidence…Do I believe that I have the capability and strength to achieve my goal?

S - elf-acceptance….Will I accept myself as I am with all my unique features?


In order to succeed at getting healthy and losing weight we have to take the focus away from food alone. We need to change our mind-set. We need to challenge any limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that are holding us back and replace them with more helpful thoughts that get us to where we want to be.This is where we come in. We coach you to success by helping you understand the problems and issues, create descriptions of your desired outcomes, identify blocks and challenge reality, brainstorm options, create a plan and make a contract to commit to action. We can help YOU succeed. Past efforts at dieting are no indication of future success. You don’t need to get stuck in the past, rather start afresh. When we coach, we want people to notice where they are and identify where they want to be. Coaching focuses on helping people take intentional action to move forward. People’s beliefs about what is possible for themselves are their only limits. Our Zest4life weight-loss programmes provide you with all the nutritional information you need to become the healthiest you can be and lose weight if that’s what you want to do. Through this nutritional education and expert coaching you can achieve your goals.Why not call us today to book an assessment. 

Best wishes,

Mary Kenneally,

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach.