Online Weight Loss Coaching

At Vitale we know that it isn't always possible to attend a nutrition and weight loss group face to face. This is why we have developed an online coaching programme. 

We offer online coaching in small groups or 1:1. This is an effective convenient way to gain the knowledge and learn the skills you need to lose weight, gain energy and manage your health and weight long term. 


The online coaching is delivered through video conferencing software. There is no need to install new software on your computer just simple follow the email invite to join the conference. 


As part of an online programme you will receive:

- Low GL diet advice from a qualified Nutrition     and Weight Lose coach.

- Weekly low GL eating topics presented through live video conferencing.

- Weekly motivational coaching.

- Email / text support.


Over the course you will learn what foods to eat to help improve your energy levels, defeat cravings and lose weight long term. 


Our motivational coaching and life skills will ensure you overcome the obstacles that have previously held you back from reaching or maintaining your health and weight loss goals.


Contact us today to get started. A month from now you'll be glad you did.