Defeat Sugar Cravings

Many weight loss programmes lead to cravings and lower energy levels, which is often why they fail. Ultimately to manage sugar cravings you firstly have to balance your blood glucose levels (see the "How it Works" page above). If your blood sugar levels are balanced then 75% of your cravings are eliminated. The other 25% are down to habits and emotional eating.  


When a craving hits the key is to hold steady. Don't give in immediately but instead tell yourself to wait just 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes you must distract yourself with something else completely. After this time has passed if you still want whatever it was you were craving, then have it, but don't beat yourself up afterwards. You haven't failed, you've made an informed decision rather than eating impulsively. More often than not after the 10 minutes is up the craving will have passed and you'll amaze yourself at how well you defeated that craving.


On the Zest4Life programme you will learn how to eat the way you are designed to eat, under the guidance of one of our trained nutritional & weight loss coaches and see for yourself how good you can feel. It really is much more than just weight loss. We show you how to live life with zest everyday.   Our approach to nutrition is firmly grounded in learning how your body works and how to balance your blood sugar for fast weight loss and energy improvement. You will follow Patrick Holford's low Glycemic Load diet which has consistently out-performed other eating plans for both health improvements and weight loss, as well as other benefits such as energy, mood, stress and concentration. 

Once you know the basics of good nutrition, you will be empowered to make the best choices for yourself and your family based on how you feel, not solely on how much weight you lose. 

If you find your cravings are linked to emotional eating then read about our Emotional Eating programme here