Caithriona Murphy (Millington) 
My Story as posted on facebook 21/10/15

Hi Everyone, Caithriona here. I have debated whether or not to share this picture for a few weeks now as it is putting myself out there. I thought about cropping out my head and just using it as a standard before and after shot but I know myself I never really trust those pictures when I can't clearly see the persons face :-) Anyway I decided to just go for it and share my weight loss story. As many of your know I am a qualified and licensed Zest4life nutrition and weight loss coach but before I qualified I was overweight and had been for many years. The first picture was taken 6 months after I had my first baby. I was at my heaviest and not feeling too good about myself. Soon after that holiday I met Mary (who is now my business partner in Vitale by the way) and she offered to help me lose weight. By that Christmas I was down 3.5 stone. My lightest weight in well over 10 years. I had of course lost weight before but I always put it back on again, rapidly, never able to maintain my weight loss for more than a month or two. Since reaching my target I have gone through a second pregnancy and my figure bounced back a lot quicker. That second picture was taken last month again on holidays but this time 9 months after my 2nd baby. I think the pictures are a fair comparison as they are both post baby bodies. I know I am qualified now but I think my biggest qualification is that I was that yo yo dieting solider. It is such a weight of my mind (excuse the pun) to know that I won't ever have to search for the next fad to help me shift a few pounds. I now know the honest secret to long term sustainable weight loss and I'm trying to spread the word. Mary and I run classes every Tuesday night in the Performance Clinic in Celbridge at 7pm where we don't just weigh you and give you a clap if you're down a lb but we educate you so that going forward you have the skills to maintain your weight long term. The zest4life programme is 16 weeks long and over the 16 weeks you'll learn everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off. I apologise for the sales pitch but I 100% stand over this diet as a healthy sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off. So much so that I'm even sharing a swim wear shot to help inspire you to join up :-) Thanks for reading.. 

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