Are you thinking Positively?

It is no secret that a positive attitude and a positive mind results in a happier more successful individual. Maybe you currently believe that it’s a result of circumstance whether someone is happy or sad, succeeding or failing but I can assure you, it is not. It’s actually all to do with how you think and therefore it’s all within your control. Imagine this scenario…..two people are in a car crash. It’s just a fender bender and neither person is hurt however both their cars are in need of some paintwork afterwards. The first person said to himself or herself “Why does this sort of thing always happen to me. I could do without the expense and hassle of having to get my car fixed”..... What type of a mood do you think that person is in after this event? The other person thinks “Thank God no one was hurt. Sure isn’t this why I have insurance. I’m very lucky that could have been a lot worse”....... What type of a mood do you think this person is in after the same event?The first individual is likely to be angry, frustrated and feeling low for the rest of the day with such a negative thought running through their mind. The second person’s mood is likely to be more positive for the rest of the day. They both had the same negative experience. After all no one wants to be in even a small car crash, however one person decided to let this negative experience ruin their day and possibly their whole week and the other decided not to allow it impact them negatively at all.Both those decisions were probably automatic. They didn’t consciously decide to be positive or negative about it but their mood was a direct result of their thoughts. In life we can’t always change the events that happen to us. Most of the time they are out of our control. However we can control what we say to ourselves about the event. If we control the thought then we are in control of our mood and ultimately our own happiness. If our thoughts tend to be automatically negative then this is just how we have learned to react. We can teach ourselves to replace automatic negative thoughts with positive ones but it takes practice. The first step is identifying the thought. When something negative happens to us listen to what you say to yourself about it. Question yourself, is that negative thought true? Negative thoughts often contain phrases like “this always happens to me”. Ask yourself does it “always” or does it just sometimes happen. Be the judge and jury of that negative thought. Look for the evidence for and against it. Ask yourself is there another more positive way to look at this? What would your best friend say if you told them about this? Practice this skill and you can make your life a much more positive place to be.


If you want to have a positive happy life then it starts with a positive mind. If you'd like to learn more or want a bit of help changing old habits then please drop me a message.


Best wishes,


Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach.