About Us

Caithriona Millington,

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach, 

Bsc Biotechnology, CPD Nutritional Therapy, Life Coaching


I graduated from NUI Maynooth in 2003 with an Honours B.SC Degree in Biotechnology. Since leaving University I have worked in a variety of roles within the Food industry from quality management to food technologist. As a food technologist I was responsible for preparing product label information including calculating the product nutritional information, preparing ingredient lists and substantiating all nutritional & health claims. This experience has given me a great

understanding of food labelling, which is key to knowing what is in the foods we consume.  I have always been interested in the area of Nutrition and Weight loss and understand first hand the difficulties we face in trying to lose and maintain a healthy weight. After many years of yo yo dieting I can now finally say that I have control over my own weight. This new found confidence comes from studying Patrick Holfords Low GL diet and from gaining a clear understanding of how the human body metabolises sugar and fats (See the blog section of our website for my personal weight loss story). I have since trained as a Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach and I have completed a Continual Professional Development dipolma in Nutritional Therapy. I have also learnt that my clients not only need nutritional support to help them change their eating habits and make postive health improvements but often also need additional support to overcome emotional eating and help them make lasting change. For this reason I am currently studying for a diploma in Cognitive Behavourial Therapy so that I can support my clients even further and really ensure they succeed not just in losing weight but in keeping it off long term.

Mary Kenneally, 

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach 

​Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching​

I worked as a Psychiatric nurse for 36 years prior to retiring in 2013. I have studied extensively over the past 10 years to acquire a Postgraduate diploma in Systemic Family Therapy, MSc in Psychotherapy and Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I have always been interested in nutrition and its role in health and disease. I have trained as a Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach and am currently undertaking a certificate course in Neurolinguistic Programming. At Vitale I use all of these skills to deliver programmes that address the physical and emotional needs of our clients through education and coaching. The individual needs of each client is my primary concern  whether on a group or a 1:1 programme. My experience and passion for working with people will contribute to your success.