New Year New You

Is this year Going to Be Another “NEW YEAR NEW YOU”?

So with just under 2 weeks to Christmas is there anybody out there waiting for January 1st to go on a diet, detox, do “Dry January”, give up cigarettes, alcohol, take up exercise, get healthy and at the same time telling yourself that this time next year you will not be in this situation like you have been for many Christmases. But in the meantime just because it will all change in the New Year you might as well continue as you are and have a great Christmas and put on the expected 6 pounds gained by the average person over the festive season. Does all this sound familiar? If so you are not alone.

The diet industry is estimated to be worth €270 billion and is based on human failure and return custom. People constantly look for the quick fix but there isn’t one. Some people have spent large parts of their lives on one diet or another and are possibly heavier now than they were when they started their first diet.  In fact I recently met a lady who told me that she had lost 52 stone in total over the years and now needed to lose 4 stone for health reasons. Imagine that. Lose 1 stone, put on 2 stone, lose 2 stone put on 3 stone and so it goes on. She told me that now all she wants is to get back to the weight she was before she started dieting in the first place. This is a reality for so many people. Statistics indicate that 80 to 90% of people will regain more weight after they have dieted excessively.

People try to lose weight for many reasons. It may be for body image, to improve confidence and self-esteem or health reasons. Unfortunately many people wait until they are diagnosed with medical conditions such as joint pain, type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol, before making a conscious decision to address how their lifestyle have contributed to their ill health. 

So what is the solution? The solution is multifaceted.

  1. You need to redefine diet. The word diet has become synonymous with deprivation, hunger, and feeling bad when in actual fact what your diet is, is what you eat on a daily basis.  Eating wholesome, natural foods at regular intervals that are not processed will not only nourish you and help you feel better but will also set you on the road to losing any excess weight.

  2. Exercise. Exercise improves muscle strength, increases energy levels, enhances your immune system, improves brain function, improves mood, reduces the risk of degenerative bone disease, improve sleep. The list could go on.

  3. Identify and address emotional eating. Many people use food for various reasons other than for nourishment. So in time of stress people tend to eat more of high sugar high fat processed food that gives a temporary feeling of well-being followed by guilt and disgust. This is a very common feature of overeating.

  4. Become aware of triggers. What leads to overeating, who leads to overeating etc.? There are always triggers but by becoming aware of them one can start planning to deal with them.

  5. Change your habits and replace any bad habits with more helpful ones. This takes time to achieve lasting success.

  6. Do it for you, not for Christmas, or the holidays or the wedding coming up or the communion or confirmation. Your diet is for you for life, not for some event.


So if you are planning to diet on January 1st don’t look at the short term. Think of this as the year you will succeed and achieve your goals but give it the full year. If you have a lot of weight to lose, by losing just over one pound a week you could be 4 stone lighter by next Christmas. How good is that? This is a project not a quick fix and we can help you. We use sound scientific information on nutrition and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques to help you change habits and address emotional eating. We will support and coach you to set and achieve realistic goals and help you ditch the dieting mind-set, change your relationship with food, replace bad habits with more helpful ones and stop beating yourself up over past failures, that really are not your fault.

Contact me Mary at 0872796593 to book an initial consultation. 

This time next year you’ll be glad you did.